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Risotto alla marinara

Risotto alla marinara

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I prepared the stock: I boiled the seafood, coded with parsley, a chopped parsnip root for about 20 minutes. Then I strained everything and put the stock at low temperature to keep warm.

Cook the onion in olive oil and rice for about 2 minutes then add the white wine and mix for 3-4 minutes until the alcohol evaporates and the mixture becomes slightly creamy.

With a polish, pour the stock over the rice and mix until it evaporates and continue the operation for 5-6 stock polishes (approx. 12 min).

You should always taste the rice grain and when it is almost ready (ie it is dry inside and well done outside) add the seafood, garlic, tomatoes (in my case tomato paste), parsley.

For 2-3 minutes, mix often and season with salt and pepper. Eventually, if you consider it necessary, you can put 1-2 polish stock (according to everyone's preference). Taste the rice grain and when it is done, remove the pot from the heat and add the Parmesan cheese and butter. Mix well to penetrate everything and let the butter and parmesan melt for 1 minute then serve.

Good appetite!

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