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Carp caviar with onions

Carp caviar with onions

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The eggs are placed in a plate and with a fork they are crushed well. Drizzle half a lemon and add half of the squeezed juice over the caviar and beat a little more with a fork. they will immediately bind and open to color. lemon juice helps them bind well and will not cut during cooking, plus it gives them a special taste.

then start with the oil poured a little like any mayonnaise. I used the mixer because they are more pretentious and in addition I don't bother to make them by hand (I've done quite a bit like this before).

about halfway through the preparation, soak the slices of bagel in milk and squeeze well, squeeze and add to the caviar. slightly larger green onions ... it tastes better. lemon juice is also added from what is left, because it will become thicker.

continue beating the eggs and gradually add a little mineral water. this will make them fluffy and in addition it will lighten them so that in the end they will become almost white. pus.

that's about it ... simple, but the final product is delicious, believe me. good appetite!

200 grams of carp caviar
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup semolina
1 cup of water
the juice from a lemon
1 medium onion grated
sea ​​salt
black pepper.

Difficulty: easy & middot Preparation time: 15 minutes

Bring the water to a boil and pour the semolina in the rain, stirring until you get a stronger consistency. The semolina is left to cool.
Mix the eggs with the mixer and pour a little of the olive oil to mix well.
At the end, add the semolina, spices, lemon juice and onion, mixing them with the mixer.
If the caviar salad is too thick, add a little more water.

Homemade caviar salad & # 8211 recipes

Raw caviar, eaten as a salad is a specialty that brings us many health benefits. Of all the varieties, carp eggs are the healthiest. They are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and B3, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. It should be consumed in moderation by people with high cholesterol and gout.

Caviar salad seems like a great recipe, but it's quite easy to prepare. Just use the recommended amounts of ingredients and use the mixer. You can add semolina or bread crumbs to the caviar salad to increase the amount. But for a more concentrated taste, the salad can be made simple.

Roastless caviar salad with green onions

• 6 tablespoons carp caviar
• 300-400 oil
• 2 green onions
• 1-2 tablespoons of mineral water with acid
• 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice

& # 8212 Beat the eggs with a little oil using the mixer
& # 8211 The amount of oil is added gradually
& # 8211 After the oil is finished, when the caviar has taken on consistency and the oil is finished, add the finely chopped onion or given to the robot
& # 8211 Add mineral water to whiten the salad
& # 8211 Beat again with the mixer and add the lemon juice and finely chopped onion to the robot
& # 8211 Beat a few more times and taste the salt

Caviar salad with semolina and olives

• 100 g of caviar
• 200 ml oil
• 3-4 tablespoons of semolina (prepared normally with water or milk)
• 12 olives
• an onion
• a lemon
• salt and pepper to taste

& # 8212 Beat the caviar with salt to taste
& # 8211 Gradually add the semolina, alternating with the oil, like mayonnaise, until it thickens
& # 8211 Finally add the lemon juice, onion and finely chopped olives to the food processor

Caviar salad is served with wholemeal bread and tomatoes, in lettuce leaf, or with cucumbers and green peppers. In order for the caviar salad not to be nauseous, it is recommended to use extra virgin olive oil, or any kind of cold pressed oil. Recipes with semolina are tastier than those with bread crumbs.

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Bonito carp and onion caviar salad.

Ingredients: vegetable oil, water, salted carp caviar (6%), onion (6%), salted ground caviar (3.6%), breadcrumbs, thickeners (E1414, E1450, E466, guar gum, xanthan gum), salt, acidifier (citric acid, lactic acid), flavors, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), concentrated lemon juice, dextrose, natural dye (carmine)

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Carp caviar salad (100 g, piece)

One of the most famous and beloved fish - carp - has eggs as appreciated and beneficial to the body. Buy carp carp salad and let your senses explode with delight! You don't even have to wait for a favorable moment of the day to eat it, you can do it whenever you feel like it.

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Bean stew, fasting recipe

How good is a bean stew, even if it doesn't have sausages or smoked meat!


  • 400 g beans
  • 3 red onions
  • 3-4 garlic cloves
  • sweet and hot paprika
  • thyme
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 4 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 3-4 tablespoons oil.

Method of preparation

The beans are picked, washed in a few waters and then left to soften from evening to morning. In the morning, remove and bring to a boil in 2-3 waters, to eliminate all toxins.

After boiling and the grain is soft but whole, it is drained in a sieve.

During this time, cut the onion into scales, grind the garlic and put it to harden in a pan with oil. When the onion has become glassy, ​​add the beans and a little water.

Separately, prepare the tomato paste with salt, pepper, thyme and paprika, and if the paste is too thick, add a little lukewarm water and pour over the beans. Add a bay leaf and let it drop, at the right heat, in the oven.

More information

sunflower vegetable oil, water, ground caviar (9%), salt, onion (2%), smoked carp fillets (1.5%), lemon juice, gelatinizing agents (guar gum, xanthan gum), preservatives (sorbic acid, sodium benzoate), acidifier (citric acid), dye (carmine).

0-4 ° C until the date written on the label

HACCP, FSSC 22000-2011, ISO 9001-2008, ISO-14001-2005, SR-EN-ISO-22000-2005

Fast transport

by own means equipped with refrigeration system

Directly from the manufacturer

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Health on the plate

Consumption of fish can protect the human body from multiple diseases


In any refined or healthy kitchen, caviar has its well-established place. Modern nutritionists have included them on the list of necessary foods in a balanced menu along with fish dishes.

Babies have a high content of vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and especially phosphorus essential for a healthy diet.

Fish oil is 5 times more effective than vegetable oil, it helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Recent studies have shown that omega-3 deficiency may be linked to the onset of some diseases - atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or cancer.

Careful! This product should not be consumed by people allergic to fish or spices used. The product is valid until the date displayed on the packaging provided that the storage conditions are observed.

Carp eggs are above pike eggs, even black ones! Immediately such a salad must be made in order, according to a wise word: to pour the oil on a sieve, to drop a stingy lemon and to beat a madman!

It is recommended to beat in a non-metallic bowl with a wooden spoon.

I also recommend you to keep the wise word and prepare the carp caviar salad, exactly. An extraordinary salad will come out! The more you beat her, the fluffier and more handsome she will be! ) And if you then place it in an onion unwrapped from her shirts, cut with a zigzag knife, and decorate it with a parsley leaf. you will only receive praise.
Serve with some slices of toast. The source of this recipe is the culinary blog: truedelights

Mackerel caviar

Mackerel caviar recipes: how to cook mackerel caviar and the tastiest recipes for mackerel caviar, marinated Danube mackerel, fried caviar, trout caviar, canapés with black caviar.

Plates with cheese and fish

Olives, Ansoa - surimi - anchovies - mackerel - mackerel caviar - vegetables - olives - cheeses

Mackerel caviar

a tablespoon of caviar half a lemon 50 ml oil

Soy caviar salad (fake caviar)

Caviar, Salads, Appetizers 250 g soybeans 250 ml oil 1 small onion salt pepper lemon juice

Fried carp caviar

.cream .flour .salt, pepper .oil

Marinated mackerel

Vinegar a mackerel 3 white onions 3 tablespoons vinegar a tablespoon olive oil peppercorns, and enibahar, bay leaves fateva lemon slices

Caviar salad with onions

Caviar, Salads, Appetizers 350 ml oil 100 g caviar (carp or herring) 1 finely chopped onion juice from half a lemon 4 tablespoons breadcrumbs 100 ml mineral water

Caviar paste

Lemon, Lemon 50 g fresh caviar 300 ml oil 1/2 lemon

Mackerel stuffed with greens-Dobrogea specialty

Foods with more than 6 pcs. Fresh asparagus 2-3 lemons a bunch of fresh parsley stalks, leaves of a bunch of green onions a bunch of fresh dill salt, pepper, basil to taste

Spreads With Black Caviar

slices of black caviar butter bread

Quick caviar

Pasta and pizza 1 tablespoon caviar (carp, crucian) 1/2 l oil 100g semolina (optional) 1 lemon 1 onion (optional) 1 pepper 1 tomato 5-6 olives

Mackerel salad

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 1 salted mackerel 1 bunch of lettuce 2-3 apples, 8 walnuts 1/2 lemon 150 ml oil 2 tablespoons vinegar 2 tablespoons dill 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper

Mackerel salad with beets

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 1 marinated mackerel, boneless, 2 medium potatoes, boiled, 2 carrots, boiled, 1 onion, finely chopped, 2-3 boiled eggs, 2 medium beets, boiled, mayonnaise.

Fish caviar

Salads 1 half kg of caviar 4-5 teaspoons water oil 1/4 an onion 1 teaspoon mustard

Homemade caviar salad

100 g salted caviar & nbsp 200 ml sunflower oil juice from 1 suitable lemon & nbsp2-3 tablespoons mustard.

Fresh marinated mackerel

Fish dishes I used a piece. mackerel, salt to taste, 3 pcs. bay leaves, 6-7 black peppercorns, 5-6 coriander berries, a glass of apple cider vinegar or to taste a tablespoon of oil. the quantities increase according to the needs.

Mackerel with peasant potatoes in a Romanian bowl

Food with fish ingredients: 3 pieces of fresh mackerel. 1 kg of potato salad. 1 piece of lemon. 1 cup wine (50 ml white wine) salt, freshly ground rose, dried tarragon, dried rosemary, paprika.

Taramosalata - Greek style caviar salad

Salads 250 g cod caviar 4 slices of bread without peel 1 onion juice from 2 lemons 120 ml olive oil pepper

Fish Caviar

Dishes with over 50 g of eggs 1/4 kg of oil 1-2 tablespoons of lemon 4-5 tablespoons of water a teaspoon of mustard.

Fresh carp roe

Salads 250g caviar 400ml vegetable oil 1 small onion juice from a lemon mineral water 2 slices of bread soaked in water and squeezed well olives

Roe salad

Potato, Water 100 g carp caviar 300 ml oil 1-2 potatoes 1 onion lemon juice salt 30 ml cold water

Herring caviar salad

Salads, Cold salads 100 g herring caviar 500 ml oil mineral water lemon juice as needed

Trout eggs (canned)

Salad caviar trout salt oil (olive)

Icre of faces

Pasta and pizza 50g crucian caviar 1 cup mineral water (soda, water) juice from 1/2 lemon 200ml oil 1 tomato 1 bell pepper 4-5 olives parsley green

Carp caviar

50 grams of caviar, a small onion, lemon juice, two tablespoons of sour cream, two slices of bread, a cup of milk and 800g of oil.

House eggs

Lemon, Lemon 50 gr. caviar over 100 gr. white bread core 1 lemon 50 ml mineral water 300 ml oil

Carp caviar salad with onion

Salads .100 g carp caviar .300 g oil .mineral water .lemon juice .salt .1 strand of green onion

Small onion, Water 50 g caviar 50 g bread 150-200 ml oil 1 small onion lemon juice salt 2-4 tablespoons mineral water.

House eggs

Small onion, Gray, Water 50g caviar 350ml oil 200g milk 30g semolina - lemon juice 1 small onion

Marinated Danube mackerel

Carrots, Water, Coarse salt at the time of preparation I passed the time of storage in salt. 2.5 kg Danube mackerel 1 l water 250 ml wine vinegar coarse salt mustard seeds, peppercorns, coriander seeds, bay leaves to taste 2-3 onions 2 carrots

Onions stuffed with carp caviar

Salads, Fish salads, Over 1 tablespoon of carp caviar 600 ml oil a few drops lemon juice

Carp caviar salad

Salads, Cold salads carp caviar - 200 grams of sunflower oil - 250 milliliters lemon - 1 small semolina - 2 tablespoons salt lemon slices, capers, green onions thin strips of carrot for garnish

Tomatoes stuffed with caviar and smoked fish

Appetizers, Appetizers with fish, Fish for 4 tomatoes: a bowl of caviar (200-300 g) a quarter of a smoked fish (mackerel), a few sprigs of dill parsley.

Fish caviar meatballs

Appetizers, Fish appetizers, Fish ingredients: herring caviar (1 cup), 1 cup cornmeal, a pinch of salt, 4 tablespoons sunflower oil 1 small bunch of finely chopped fresh dill

Roe salad

Appetizers, Appetizers with fish, Over the list of ingredients: 200 grams of herring caviar, juice from 2 fresh yellow lemons, 1/4 loaf soaked in milk or water, 2 small red onions or 1 large red onion, grated small 1 cup of sunflower oil.

Breads with caviar salad and flavored butter

Bakery and confectionery products, Salted dishes 500 g flour 1 cube yeast 200 ml healthy 2 tablespoons sour cream 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons sugar 1 can of caviar salad with onion (240 g) 30 g flavored butter greased 1 egg

Caviar salad with semolina

Salads, Cold salads 3 tablespoons topped with caviar about 200 ml olive oil about 150 g semolina juice from half a lemon 200 ml mineral water salt, onion pepper to taste

Grilled mackerel

Meals with fish eg 2 mackerel salt, a lemon

Roe salad

Corn, pike and carp caviar are prepared in the same way. Only when preparing pike caviar should you keep 2-3 teaspoons of caviar and add them to the pike caviar salad at the end. The berries added at the end give a much more pleasant appearance.

Carp caviar with green onions

Water 1 tablespoon carp carp a few drops with lemon a few drops with water 0.200 ml onion oil

Mackerel brine

Meals with over 2 mackerel 4 tomatoes 3 green onions green garlic 3 capsicum (baked) parsley larch basil oregano- all fresh salt and pepper.

Mackerel with greens on the knife

Meals with over 2 mackerel 3-4 lemons 2 tablespoons olive oil parsley rosemary mint sea salt pepper

Grilled mackerel

Grilled recipes 4 mackerel 1 leg larch spices for over 50 g of olive oil and salt


Salads, Fish salads, Fish 1 mackerel, 1 bunch lettuce, 2-3 apples, 8 nuts, 1/2 lemon, 150 ml oil, 2 tablespoons vinegar, 2 tablespoons chopped dill, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper

Mackerel stuffed with greens

4 fresh mackerel. juice of 1 lemon. 4 green onion strands. 4 cloves of green garlic. 1 dill connection. 1 link parsley. olive oil . salt pepper

Day and night

Cheese, Mayonnaise red black caviar buns mayonnaise cheese

Mackerel marinade

2-3 thick mathias mackerels 2-3 thick carrots - put on the grater with large holes 2-3 large onions-cut into thin slices 2 leaves of daphin 2-3 grains peppercorns (English pepper) 1-11 / 2 glass of vinegar5% 2 -21/2 glass of old salt water

Baked mackerel with vegetables

Fish dishes * 3 large mackerel * a can of peeled tomatoes * a tablespoon of tomato paste * basil (dried) * salt pepper * 1 lemon * 2-3 medium tomatoes * parsley // separately - vegetables // * large chopped potatoes * carrots cut big

Smoked fish salad

Appetizers, Appetizers with fish, Beetroot fish 3-4 pcs medium potatoes - 4-5 pcs medium eggs - 2 pcs onion - 1 pcs medium mackerel brine 1-2 pcs medium mayonnaise

Mackerel in the oven

Dishes with over 5 mackerel 1 sliced ​​onion 2 fresh garlic cloves 1 sliced ​​lemon 8 cherry tomatoes 1 sliced ​​carrot fresh thyme a few sprigs of rosemary 1 glass of white wine juice from 1 lemon salt and pepper to taste 2-3 lines oil of olives.

Imitation caviar salad

Appetizers, Appetizers with fish, Fish 1 1/4 cup water 4 tablespoons semolina 1 tablespoon fish paste 1/2 teaspoon paprika 100 g oil 1 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice a medium onion.


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